Welcome to Unclimbed Adventures! We specialize in guiding you on the path less traveled. Here at Unclimbed Adventures we separate ourselves from other “tour operators” by offering you a raw, non-diluted experience of your chosen adventure destination. Although we visit many of the same places as other companies, our approach is very different. By limiting our group size to a maximum of ten clients, we are able to provide a more individualized outdoor experience than our competitors.

On trips such as the Grand Canyon, we hand pick trails that will offer seclusion as well as offering off peak season tours which will give you the opportunity to see nature at its best without running into large crowds often found during peak season. On our Himalayan trips we use local guides and porters allowing you to contribute to indigenous economies instead of large corporations. At Unclimbed Adventures, you control how extreme your experience is: we can keep things casual or go as hardcore as you would like.

Contact us today to discuss one of our tour packages or a tailor-made trip just for you.