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about us

Dr. Ali Jaffri

Owner and guide


I have sixteen years of rock and ice-climbing experience. I am licensed as a mountain guide through the Ministry of Tourism in Pakistan and I'm currently in the process of becoming certified as a climbing instructor through the American Mountain Guides Association. I run a geoscience consulting firm and I am an experienced leader in professional geology excursions for both industry and environmental clients.

Over the past two decades I have had the good fortune of back-packing and climbing in some of the most spectacular locations across North America and the Himalayas. As a guide at Unclimbed Adventures, I pay particular attention to the needs of my clients to ensure that their experience in the outdoors is one they will always cherish. When teaching climbing or glacier travel skills, I emphasize detail such that you learn the latest and safest techniques.

After years of travel I witnessed first hand the effects of large scale expeditions on the fragile mountain environment. This experience encouraged me to find a way to make a difference. I decided to found my own mountain guiding company: Unclimbed Adventures. At Unclimbed Adventures we aim to introduce people who have a passion for alpine activities to the mountain grandeur of the Himalayas, Karakoram, and Hindukush mountains in Pakistan or the National Parks throughout the United States.

CERTIFICATIONS - American Mountain Guides Association (AMGA) Climbing Wall Instructor - AMGA Single Pitch Instructor Course taken 2016 - AMGA Top Rope Site Management Course taken in 2008 - Wilderness First Aid Certified in 2018 - Wilderness First Responder 2018

Todd Wise, Bakersfield, USA

Above all, I appreciate your attention to detail and getting things right – a very important trait when climbing. At the same time, your instruction and direct feedback have supplied me with the tools necessary to quickly assess many situations and efficiently lead the route (with a little more practice of course). Equally important was your willingness to not only provide leading instruction but additionally coach me on rescue and hauling methods. Your mountaineering background has exposed me to a new way of thinking that I hadn’t seen at the local crags. Thanks again for an excellent class!

Amanda Beardsley, Houston, USA

Ali is a fantastic instructor - very patient and encouraging. His detailed introductory class covers basic climbing terminology and moves before allowing plenty of time for practice. Ali's enthusiasm and extensive knowledge make this an excellent experience - highly recommended!

Eric Frederickson, Bakersfield, USA

My experience with Unnamed Unclimbed Expeditions was a very positive one. Having grown up in the flat lands of Louisiana and having never rock climbed before, I was able to successfully perform three separate climbs, each increasing in difficulty. I knew nothing about rock climbing before the day started, and at the end of the day, I felt as I could go rock climbing by myself with no supervision. Ali was very patient and made sure I knew everything I needed to know in order to safely climb up the side of the rock cliff. Overall, I had a great experience, and plan on going again soon!

Aaron Hebeler, Bakersfield, USA

I heard about the company from a coworker and decided to finally learn more about the sport of rock climbing. I took the introductory rock climbing course from Ali Jaffri. He was very professional with all three of the students that attended. The thing that impressed me the most was Ali’s attention to safety and making sure that everyone in the group understood that the most important thing about starting to climb is learning safe practices. At the end of the day our group was able to climb as many routes as we could before feeling that our forearms were going to fall off. I would highly recommend Ali’s company and class to any first time climber.

Akshay Deo, Bakersfield, USA

The best part about the climbing trip was that Ali is a very knowledgeable guide. He started talking to us about the technique and safety even before we got to the climbing spot. Once there, he was very patient and helpful to a newbie like me. One thing he put a lot of stress upon - "trust the (rope) system." Cant wait to go back again.

Johny Kearney, Boulder, USA

Very fun. I would recommend it to anyone that has a love for the mountains.

Jeff Tarshis, Boulder, USA

Incredible, best day I've had in a while. I learned more today than my entire first semester. Ali was great.

Chris Jorde, Boulder, USA

Learning to ice climb with Ali was the perfect way to get started. Although the course was only one day, we packed in a lot and not a moment was wasted. We covered everything from gear to technique to staying comfortable in a cold environment. The only thing better than Ali's instruction was his contagious enthusiasm. After my day with Ali I spent a couple weekends in Ouray, and I'm already dreaming about next season.

Anna Hall , Fort Collins, USA

I had a great time learning to ice climb. It had always been a dream of mine. Ali was patient and very knowledgeable about the sport. He had me try out a variety of different techniques so as to give me an good overall taste of what ice climbing is about. He also provided a lot of the gear, which cut down on costs.

David Bonomo , Fort Collins, USA

Even on my very meager college budget and with a few unavoidable setbacks, the ice climbing experience was worth every penny; there was tons to learn and experience, the ice was beautiful, our guide Ali was very knowledgeable, well natured, and was ready to handle any situation! Overall I was very pleased and plan to go again soon!

Alison Kent , Fort Collins, USA

Unnamed Unclimbed Expeditions provided outstanding guide services and ice climbing lessons through the expertise of Ali Jaffri. I gained valuable insight into ice climbing and can't wait to go again!

Alexander Wunderlich, Freiberg, Germany

Gefrorene Wasserfälle in bizarren Farben und Formen bieten Klettermöglichkeiten von vergänglichem und außergewöhnlichen Reiz. Die alpine Sportart des Eiskletterns, brachte mir Ali Jaffri auf eine außerordentlich professionelle und spannende Art näher. Ich als Eiskletter-Anfänger fühlte mich außergewöhnlich sicher und schätzte die lockere Art und die tolle Atmossphäre. Ali Jaffri ist ein exzellenter Guide und ich kann ihn an alle Freunde des eisigen Kletterns empfehlen und hoffe so bald wie möglich wieder einmal mit ihm klettern zu dürfen."

Sara Keil, Freiberg, Germany

Mich erfüllt ein Gefühl tiefster Entspannung und Zufriedenheit, alswir über die kurvenreiche Straße aus den Rockies zurück in die Zivilisation fahren. Die Sonne verschwindet hinter den Bergen und wir dürfen dem klaren und beruhigenden Gesang unseres Guides Ali lauschen.Der Tag, der sich nun dem Ende neigt, war erfüllt von frischer Bergluft, eisiger Kälte und dem Geräusch der Eisäxte und Steigeisen beim Eindringe ins Eis. Ali hat uns an diesem Tag in die Kunst des Eiskletterns eingeführt – mit seinem unverkennbaren Humor und größter Sorgfalt. Ich habe mich dank seiner außerordentlichen Fähigkeiten als Guide zu jeder Zeit sicher gefühlt und konnte das Klettern im Eis schnell genießen, süchtig danach werden. Nach dieser Premiere hatte ich noch zweimal die Möglichkeit, mit Ali in die Berge zu fahren und eins zu werden mit dem Eis – eine Erfahrung die sich mit nichts vergleichen lässt und die ich Ali verdanke, einem Menschen und Guide, dem ich absolut vertrauen kann, mit dem ich unheimlich viel Spaß hatte und der mir extrem viel beigebracht hat. Eisklettern lernt man von Ali! Bis bald im Eis!

Lina Polvi , Fort Collins, USA

I had a fantastic experience with Ali on my first ice-climbing trip, and by the end of the day I felt confident and was able to climb a really cool waterfall! Ali was very patient and taught me step-by-step everything I needed to know, so I could comfortably walk around with crampons and use the ice axes. We all got to climb several times, and when we weren’t climbing we were comfortable in the ‘down jacket nest.’ Even though it was a high of -10 C that day, I above all remember the great time I had learning to scale a wall of ice because of Ali’s confident leadership and guiding.

Dr. Jerry Magloughlin , Fort Collins, USA

Last year, I enlisted Ali Jaffri of UUE to go ice climbing in the Rocky Mountains for the purpose of a photo and video shoot. I was extremely happy with the outing, and we accomplished all of our goals. Even though it was not an elaborate climb, it was clear to me that Ali carefully thought through each phase of the excursion. Even though it was only my second time ice climbing, I felt completely comfortable with the experience. I’d highly recommend Ali and UUE—it’s clear he’s got plenty of experience and is a top-notch and patient instructor and leader.

Richard Marston

Unnamed Unclimbed Expeditions provided outstanding guide services for my colleagues and I into the Raikot Valley of Nanga Parbat. We would not have been able to get to our goal without the help through difficult logistics without the help of Ali Jaffri. His hospitality was terrific and he took special care to ensure we all stayed healthy and happy during the trip. We will definitely use this company again.

Douglas Goodin

My trip to Pakistan with Unnamed Unclimbed expeditions was superb. Ali Jaffri provides an unbeatable combination of expert knowledge and personal service. Thanks to Ali, we were able to experience the beauty of the Himalaya and the hospitality of Pakistan. I look forward to a return trip with this company!

Bryce Marston

I don’t know how we would have managed a trip into the Himalayas without the personal help and attention we received from Unnamed Unclimbed Expeditions. By having a guide who can speak the language and who is very knowledgeable, we were able to enjoy our experiences much more than if we were on our own. Ali Jaffri is an excellent guide and I would recommend him to anyone looking to hike or climb in the Pakistani Himalayas.

Shala Sommerville

I have taken two trips to Pakistan through Unclimbed Expeditions and was the only woman both times. While it was initially very intimidating to travel through Pakistan, I found all of my interactions with Pakistanis to be the friendliest in nature...rather than degrading me or snubbing me, people were curious about an American woman traveling through Pakistan. I made some wonderful, life-long friends and met some truly amazing people. Pakistanis truly cherish hospitality, and never once did I meet someone new without being offered chai tea or food. Ali is very aware of his clients' needs and took excellent care to insure that I always had enough to eat and drink, and was as comfortable as the situation would permit. While it is true there are dangers associated with traveling to Pakistan, I see them as dangers inherent in every third world country, such as unreliable transportation or becoming ill from the food and water. Pakistan is truly one of my favorite places in the world, and I hope to visit it many times in my lifetime.