I remember my first trip to the Grand Canyon. I had back-packed most of Utah's canyons and was expecting a "larger version" of those. I remember it taking very long to get there and how the landscape was super-flat with no topography and how I was getting frustrated having been in the car for so long. Then the ground seemed to end - a gash opened up almost 4000 feet deep such that you could almost peek into the heart of the Earth with every layer visible. The colors of the canyon walls were in shades of orange, yellow which turned into pinks, purples and blues within an hour. This was unreal.

The Grand Canyon remains unreal until you begin to hike in it and your mind begins to comprehend your surroundings. We plan on spending an overview day and the next day hiking into the Canyon.

Before we even arrive at the Grand Canyon we will drive you some of the most breath-taking canyon country in the world. Monument Valley is an icon of the American Desert Southwest with countless western movies being filmed here.

We will wrap up the tour with some short trips to Meteor Crater, the Painted Desert, Petrified Forest and Moki Point

Grand Canyon and Monument Valley

Tour Starts April 16th 2017

Tour Ends April 22nd 2017

Cost Per person $2250 (all inclusive)

Level of Difficulty

Moderate hiking with minimal elevation gain


Day 1. Arrival at Grand Junction Regional Airport

This is a 45 minute flight from Denver International Airport. We will receive you at your airport and will take you to your hotel where you can rest and recuperate.

Day 2. Mexican Hat and Monument Valley

We will take you on a scenic drive through Castle Valley, Moab and finally to the Desert Southwest where we will be staying next to the San Juan River. We will spend the afternoon and evening in Monument Valley where you will get to interact with the Navajo Native Americans

Day 3. Grand Canyon overview tour

We will head out early for the long-drive towards Grand Canyon and will spend the day making several stops along the rim of the canyon for photo opportunities and for you to get a general overview of the local geology and ecology

Day 4. Hike into the Grand Canyon

We will hike down almost half-way into the canyon to truly experience the majesty of this natural wonder.

Day 5. Meteor Crater, Painted Desert and Petrified Forest

Millions of years ago, even before the time of the dinosaurs this desert was a well-vegetated flood plain. Periodic flooding would cover the trees with sediments and preserved them for posterity. You will not only get to see these in person but will also see the world's largest meteor impact crater.

Day 6. Goose Necks and Moki Point

We will return to Mexican Hat and will hike to Moki Point for a panonoramic view of the sunset over Monument Valley and Goosenecks National Park..

Day 7. Departure from Grand Junction Regional Airport

We will check out fairly early so we can get you back to the airport on time for your departure