hunza fall
Fall in Hunza is magical. The tourists are gone, and the locals are working hard trying to conserve as much food for themselves and their livestock for the long harsh winter ahead. The peaks have received their first snow fall and their margins start to turn red and alpine flora begins to change color. In the valleys the temperature is just perfect. The intense sun, so typical of the Karakoram gets milder and the air is cool. This is the most perfect time to really enjoy the valleys and their culture.

On this tour we show you around some of Hunza's historic past as we walk through alleys in Ganesh or visit the palace built by Tibetan artisans when the princess of Hunza married a king from Tibet. We will include a boat ride on the 25 mile long Attabad Lake.

Hunza Fall Colors

Tour is offered between September-October 2017

Cost Per person is $750 (all inclusive)

Level of Difficulty is easy with minimal elevation gain


Day 1. Flight from Islamabad to Gilgit, Jeep to Hunza

This is assuming your plane actually flies :) PIA is notorious for cancelling flights to and from Gilgit and if yours gets cancelled we will then book you on a land cruiser that takes you to Gilgit in about 12 hours or so over the Babusar Pass.

Day 2. Hike in Murtazabad Village to acclimatize

We avoid taking people to commercialized Karimabad right away. This village provides the perfect opportunity for you to unwind. The fall colors with the back-drop of Rakaposhi makes this an ideal start

Day 3. Hike in Ganesh and Duiker

We will spend te day taking you through the village of Ganesh, exploring Altit Fort and for the sunset we will go to village of Duiker and "Eagle's Nest" for an almost panoramic view of Hunza and Nagar including some of the 7000 meter peaks in the area

Day 4. Exploring Karimabad and Atabad Lake

Karimabad is the tourist hub of Hunza. After touring the famous Baltit "fort" there we will drive to Atabad Lake for a boat ride.

Day 5. Exploring Nagar and Hopar

Across the Hunza River is the valley of Nagar. Culturally different and with breathtaking views of the Ultar Range. Fall colors here are exquisite and we will spend some time hiking there and around Hopar

Day 6. Return to Gilgit by road

Unless you'd like to link-up additional trekking options we will take you back to Gilgit

Day 7. Flight to Islamabad

We will either put you on a flight (weather permitting) or a land-cruiser back to Islamabad