The trek up to K2 base-camp will take you through some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world. For photographers this is heaven. Unfortunately the trend is to "get a client to K2 base-camp and back as soon as possible." Although this does save guiding companies some expenses since they pay porters per day this is not how we do things. We want you to go slow in the beginning such that you can acclimatize. Once your body and mind have adapted to the altitude and the demanding trail we can then begin to push you.

The terrain changes with elevation and from an arid scrubland you will climb on to the majestic Baltoro Glacier - one of the largest alpine glaciers in the world. As difficult as it is walking on the Baltoro you will see surreal features like arches made up of pure glacial ice and turquoise colored glacial streams. Finally you will begin to see five of the world's fourteen 8000 meter peaks. Gasherbrum IV is the first to come into view, then if the weather is clear Gasherbrum I and II, then Broad Peak and finally K2

As stimulating as the trek is for your body, this journey can be very emotional for some. The Tibetans believe that suffering in the mountains cleanses the soul, the greater the suffering, the deeper the cleansing. This "hike" is about as challenging as they come and the experience will change you forever

K2 Basecamp

Tour is offered between July-Sept 2017

Cost Per person is $1900 (all inclusive)

Level of Difficulty is very strenuous due to long days of hiking over glaciated terrain


Day 1. Flight from Islamabad to Skardu

This is assuming your plane actually flies :) PIA is notorious for cancelling flights to and from Skardu and if yours gets cancelled we will then book you on a land cruiser that takes you to Skardu in about 15 hours or so over the Babusar Pass.

Day 2. Jeep from Skardu to Askole

This is a long (5-6 hour) jeep ride that we will do super early in the morning. We need to be all loaded up and on the jeep by 5 am. The reason for this early start is because tiny streams that we cross around 6 am by jeep will turn into raging rivers by noon as the sun begins to melt snow

Day 3. Hike from Askole to Korophon

This hike is short, about 4 hours but will still get your blood-flowing due to the rough terrain that it goes through. If we arrive in Korophon and you feel like you can go for another 3 hours or so, we will push on to Jola. If you do decide to camp at Korophon you can spend the evening exploring the mouth of the Biafo Glacier

Day 4. Hike from Korophon to Skam Tsok via Jola

This is a longer (7+ hour hike) but over much easier terrain and with very little elevation gain along the banks of the Braldu River

Day 5. Hike from Skam Tsok to Liliwa

This is the day you will actually ascend 2000 feet onto the Baltoro Glacier. As soon as you are on the glacier everything changes. Drinking water is everywhere and every step you take is on a rock that ranges from the size of a football to some the size of cars. Many of these wobble and instead of the straight forward steady incline, you can expect to constantly gain and lose elevation till you reach Liliwa. This campsite will reward you with the most stunning views of the Trango Towers at sunrise

Day 6. Hike from Liliwa to Urdukas

Lilwa is on a cliff edge off the Baltoro. To get to Urdukas you must get back on the glacier and then ascend another 1000 feet to get to the Urdukas boulder field. The view from Urdukas is ridiculously gorgeous as you get a panorama of all of the granite rock towers along the Baltoro.

Day 7. Hike from Urdukas to Goro 2

This hike is long but fairly straight-forward and "easier" than what you experienced in previous days. You will not only have the 25,000 foot Masherbrum but will also catch your first glimpse of the Gasherbrum Group

Day 8. Hike from Goro2 to Concordia

This hike is tricky. The terrain is easy with a steady incline but you're now hiking at around 15,000 feet and the altitude makes one slower than usual. The view however get better with every step you take until you finally arrive at Concordia where several glaciers meet and you get your first view of Broad Peak and K2

Day 9. Exploring Concordia

There are at least five 7000 meter and two 8000 meter peaks one can see from Concordia. The view looking down the glacier shows a cluster of rock towers including the Trango Group. As the position of the sun changes, so do the colors on the "shining wall" of Gasherbrum IV

Day 10. Hike to K2 basecamp

This a long tiring day but totally worth it as you pass by Broad Peak and finally reach K2 basecamp. We will take you to the Gilkey Memorial dedicated to the men and women who lost their lives on K2

Day 11. Hike to Concordia

The hike back to Concordia is all down-hill and a welcome relief from the previous day. You will also be rewarded with views of the Golden Throne and Chogolisa

Day 12. Hike from Concordia to Urdukas

This is a longer day but again all downhill and you'll pass through several house-sized ice features called ice-ships.

Day 13. Hike from Urdukas to Paiyu

Paiyu is a campground we passed by on the way up so we'll stay there just to give you a change of scenery. This is one of the more commercialized camp sites and a good opportunity to socialize with fellow trekkers and mountaineers

Day 14. Hike from Paiyu to Askole

This is a long but relatively easy hike back to Askole. Sometimes we can catch the last jeep headed back to Skardu. If not, you'll spend the night in Askole

Day 15. Jeep from Askole to Skardu

This 5-6 hour jeep ride again should be taken early in the morning to prevent river crossings and jeep changes, finally back to civilization and showers!

Day 16. Flight from Skardu to Islamabad

We will either put you on a flight (weather permitting) or a land cruiser headed back to Islamabad.