Nanga Parbat base-camp

Nanga Parbat (26,660 feet) is usually climbed from 3 base camps: Raikot (aka Fairy Meadows), Diamir and Rupal. Fairy Meadows was the traditional German base camp pre-1953. Details on getting to this base-camp can be found here. Today, most mountaineers will approach Nanga Parbat from the Diamir base-camp. Although the Diamir Face is the easiest way to the summit, the base camp is the most logistically difficult to get to. The Rupal Face is not only Nanga Parbat’s most technical face, it is the largest rock-face in the world. Sixty eight degrees at its base and 85 degrees near the top, it rises about 5 kilometers vertically from the Tap Alp Meadows to the summit. Unlike the Fairy Meadows base-camp, which has become increasingly commercialized, you probably wont see anyone but locals on this trek.

Nanga Parbat Basecamp

Tour is offered between June-October 2017

Cost Per person is $750 (all inclusive)

Level of Difficulty is easy with minimal elevation gain


Day 1. Flight from Islamabad to Gilgit – jeep to Astor

This is assuming your plane actually flies :) PIA is notorious for cancelling flights to and from Gilgit and if yours gets cancelled we will then book you on a land cruiser that takes you to Gilgit in about 12 hours or so over the Babusar Pass

Day 2. Rest and acclimatization in Astor

Islamabad is at an elevation of 1600 feet and Astor is at 8000 feet – your objective is at 11,000 feet so please do take this day to hydrate yourself. We may also ride up by jeep and explore Rama meadows to aid in your acclimatization

Day 3. Jeep ride to Tarshing

You have two options here. You can choose to spend yet another day acclimatizing around Tarshing or decide to begin your hike towards base-camp. Be advised though that once you do decide to hike, there are no suitable camp sites till you actually reach the base-camp.

Day 4. Exploring the base-camp

Depending on the movements of the Bazhin glacier you can actually cross over to the Latobah meadows or you can choose to hike even closer to the Rupal Face

Day 5. Hike back down to Tarshing

If you are tired we can spend the night in Tarshing or if you're feeling up to it, we can take a jeep down to Astor and spend the nigh there

Day 6. Drive back to Gilgit

We will drive back to Gilgit and the spend the evening exploring Buddhist carvings around Gilgit.

Day 6. Flight from Gilgit to Islamabad

We will drop you off at the airport and if your flight gets cancelled we will be happy to arrange a private landcruiser back for a long but fun ride back to Islamabad over the beautiful Babusar Pass.