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La means pass in Tibetan and you will hear of several passes such as the Haramosh La, Banak La, Skoro La, Burji La and others. Before deciding you’d like to cross one valley and into another, be sure to ask yourself what the logistics of the return trip might be. Out of the several passes in the Karakoram, Thalle La is my personal favorite, because of logistical ease, and a fairly unique mountain landscape. The pass is a textbook example of ‘the rain-shadow effect’. Clouds rise along the Hushe side and cannot pass over the 16,000 foot/4848 meter pass. As a result the scenery on one side resembles that of Norway and New Zealand, whereas the Shigar side is pretty much an alpine desert. Unfortunately I cant say much about the views since I crossed the pass with a client in a complete white-out.

Thalle La

Tour is offered between June-August 2017

Cost Per person is $1000 (all inclusive)

Level of Difficulty is strenuous because of the elevation gain


Inside visits and special features are shown in UPPERCASE in the tour description.

Day 1.Day 1. Flight from Islamabad to Skardu

This is assuming your plane actually flies :) PIA is notorious for cancelling flights to and from Gilgit and if yours gets cancelled we will then book you on a land cruiser that takes you to Gilgit in about 12 hours or so over the Babusar Pass

Day 2. Jeep to Shigar and jeep change to trailhead

We will leave Skardu fairly early and reach Shigar where you will meet your local guide and porters from Shigar Village. A jeep owner from the village will transport you to the trailhead where you will begin the dry steep climb with spectacular views of the Haramosh Range in the distance. Three to five hours of hiking will bring you to Baumaharal at 12,000 feet which is a picturesque meadow with views of Shimshak, an unclimbed 18,000 foot peak

Day 3. Hike from Baumaharal to Campsite below pass

A 3-4 hour hike from Baumaharal on a poop-covered Yak trail will lead you to the edge of a snow-field where you were camp at night.

Day 4. Crossing the pass (weather permitting) and night at Thalle Tapsa

This is a fairly long day and you should expect to hike at least 6-8 hours. The good news is that all the hiking is downhill and not particularly steep through an incredibly beautiful valley with streams all around you

Day 5. Hike from Thalle Tapsa to Khusomik and jeep to Khaplu

Khusomik is the last village on this trail and this is where you can catch a jeep (hopefully the same day) to Skardu

Day 6. Flight from Skardu to Islamabad

Unless you would like to make use of your acclimatization and explore some other parts of Baltistan we will put you on the flight back to Islamabad.