“Meadows” is a misnomer for the base camp of the Ultar peaks. This trek packs a powerful punch such that it gives a true taste of what traveling in the Karakoram is all about. Panoramic views at the mouth of Ultar Gorge capture all of Hunza and Nagar’s famous peaks such as Diran, Phekker, Sumayar, Spantik and Malubiting. The hiking is steep, hot and dry and in stark contrast is the cool misty breeze that rises from outwash stream of the Ultar Glacier. There are two options here. If you have a fear of heights, go with option 2. This trek begins in Karimabad, the tourist hub of Hunza, and I have done it several times. Being a huge fan of glaciers, and hating exposure without being roped, I prefer option 2. If you like the feeling of having nothing but air on one side with a sheer 2000 foot drop, go with option 1. Despite what locals tell you, the amount of time it takes for either option is about the same. Option 1 involves hiking on a 2 foot wide trail for about 30 minutes before arriving to the same trek as option 2.

Ultar Meadows

Tour is offered between June-October 2017

Cost Per person is $750 (all inclusive)

Level of Difficulty is strenuous because of the elevation gain


Day 1. Flight from Islamabad to Gilgit – jeep to Karimabad

This is assuming your plane actually flies :) PIA is notorious for cancelling flights to and from Gilgit and if yours gets cancelled we will then book you on a land cruiser that takes you to Gilgit in about 12 hours or so over the Babusar Pass

Day 2. Rest and acclimatization in Karimabad

Islamabad is at an elevation of 1600 feet and Karimabad is at 9000 feet – you objective is at 13,500 feet so please do take this day to hydrate yourself and take a stroll to the Baltit Fort.

Day 3. Three to Four hour hike to the Lower Meadows using option 1 or 2

This is the hardest part of the trek and whichever option you choose, you'll end up gaining about 4000 feet in 3-4 hours. At the end of this hike however you are awarded with views of the Sumayar valley in the distance with Diran dominating the skyline

Day 4. Exploring Ultar Meadows

This is your chance to really soak-in the surroundings. You can choose to hike even higher for an almost aerial view of Hunza Valley or choose to investigate the ice fall of the Ultar Glacier

Day 5. Hike back down to Karimabad

Already acclimatized this hike can be done fairly quickly (less than 2 hours)

Day 6. Drive back to Gilgit

Unless you would like to make use of your acclimatization and explore some other parts of Hunza, Nagar or Shimshal we will drive you back to Gilgit.

Day 6. Flight from Gilgit to Islamabad

We will drop you off at the airport and if your flight gets cancelled we will be happy to arrange a private landcruiser back for a long but fun ride back to Islamabad over the beautiful Babusar Pass.