Rock Climbing

Colorado is a fantastic place to learn how to rock climb. From world-class granite to limestone or sandstone, you will be exposed to a wide range of rock types. Because these rocks weather differently, their textures vary greatly offering a wide variety of climbing challenges. In an ideal case you would be able to climb each type of rock and see what you like best, but due to time constraints we have hand-picked some of the best crags (climbing spots) on the Colorado Front Range for you.

We offer three different rock climbing lessons based on your experience level:

1. Introduction to rock climbing

This course is meant for beginners or gym-climbers who have never been outside. Besides introducing you to climbing gear we'll also cover efficient climbing movement. The idea is for you to be able to gain elevation with the minimal amount of effort. We will also teach you how to coil your rope, how to belay someone safely and safety measures.

2. Traditional Climbing and Anchor Building

This course assumes that you have been rock climbing outdoors for at least a year and can lead up to 5.8 sport climbs. We'll take you to a crag that has multiple climbs in the 5.5-5.7 range. We'll cover placing both passive protection (nuts, hexes, knots etc.) and active protection (cams, friends, etc.) and check the quality of your placements. After we feel you are proficient at placing protection we will cover the 5 basic types of climbing anchors and discuss what makes an anchor "bomber." If you feel comfortable we'll have you lead a climb that you feel comfortable with.

3. Climbing Self Rescue

This course assumes you are a regular sport or trad climber who would like to be able to assist your climbing buddy or get yourself out of a bad situation in the outdoors. More specifically we will cover escaping the belay, taking over someone else's belay, being able to assist a climber who is stuck and needs to be lowered, raising a climber using a drop assist, 3:1 pulley system and 5:1 pulley system. We will cover these rescue scenarios using the GriGri, the Petzl Reverso/ATC Guide and the Munter.